The Thing

This darkly comic series chronicles the agonized misadventures of a recently reunited theatre troupe in New York City. Marc (Marc Palmieri) is a depressed playwright. He has worked at his father's (Jeremy Johnson) struggling insurance office for 17 years while failing to make it in the theatre. The business is on the brink of collapse, and can only be saved by the successful recruitment of star salesman B.D. Reilly (Curzon Dobell). By a sequence of happy accidents, Marc finds himself directing a play. He reunites an old group of friends who haven't seen each other, or done a play, in years. George, (George Demas) a suicidal adjunct lecturer in the Humanities, Jack (Joe Fuer), a suburban family man suppressing his wild side and Spencer (Spencer Aste), a professional stage manager answer Marc's call and agree to attempt to bring back the old days one last time. Marc struggles against the odds to bring the play to its feet - and perhaps at last claim a place for himself in New York theatre, rescue his father's career, and even renew the great (and woeful) romance of his life with Lydia (Lynn Mancinelli).